3 Big Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Home

When many buy a new home, they don’t plan on living there forever, but knowing when you need to sell can be a challenge. Whether your family is growing or you need a change of scenery, here are some great tips on when to know it’s time to sell.

1. Your home no longer matches your life

In some cases, you’ve outgrown a bachelor pad, or you’re expecting a child, or just need a little more space. The same can be true if you need less space or if you’ve decided you live in an inconvenient location from friends, family, or work. Whatever your situation, if your home or neighborhood are no longer a good fit, it’s probably the right time to sell and find a home and location that fits your life.

2. You have equity in your home

Your equity is your home’s value minus any home loans. If the home’s sale price is enough to pay off your current mortgage, plus additional selling costs, and any out of pocket money involved in closing the deal, then it’s a good indication that you can sell. Not sure if you have equity? We can help! Contact us here.

3. You can afford to move

Yes, you are going to make money when you sell your home, but if you plan on buying again there are going to be costs. This includes applying for a new mortgage, a down payment, potential movers, the list can go on. If you prepare for these costs in advance selling can be a much smoother process.

Having an experienced and professional realtor on your side is the best advantage you can have when selling a home. Your realtor is there to help you along the way and prepare you with all of the knowledge you need before you move. Ready to sell or move to Central Florida? Speak with a realtor by contacting us directly at (407) 493-0719 or click here for a free home selling consultation.

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