One of my favorite inspectors put a list together of the 10 most common problems discovered found during home inspections. If you are thinking of selling your home a pre-inspection is smart! You can deal with the problems you have before a future buyer beats you up on the list price. Here they are:

Top 10 Defects Per AAA Building & Home Inspection

  • Roofing leaks, vent pipe’s and skylights damaged
  • Exterior walls, foundation cracks and defective hardboard siding this is a moisture and installation related defect. Common brands of siding are Florida Pacific, Louisiana Pacific, and Masonite
  • Water damage in attic and uneven insulation
  • Defective ground fault circuit breaker interrupter outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and outside
  • Visible open wire connections in the crawl space and attic
  • Leaking or loosely mounted toilets, tubs not draining, hot and cold reversed at tub and shower controls
  • Heating system not function as intended, Mold on coils and filter dirty or missing
  • Air condition system not cooling proper, missing insulation on freon line and thermostat broken
  • Fireplace damper not working or fire bricks damaged
  • Smoke alarms not working or need batteries

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