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 10 Things to Know When Moving into Your New Home

It’s no secret that moving is both difficult and time-consuming. The trick is to feel comfortable in your new home quickly and get your routine back. These 10 tips are all you need to know when moving into your new home.

Connect your Internet

If you want to have Internet access as soon as you move into your new home, you need to plan for it ahead of time. Depending on your location and service provider, scheduling and set-up can take days or weeks. Make sure to schedule this prior to the move.

Set up your electricity

Some people forget that the energy is likely disconnected in their new home prior to move-in. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to unpack in a dark room. Just call your local energy provider and give them the necessary information they request, such as your new address and connection date.

 Contact movers or assistance weeks in advance

Once you have a tentative date in mind for your move, it is important you contact your movers as early as possible in advance. This way you aren’t rushing last-minute, or revising your personal schedule. If you are not hiring professional movers, it is still important to inform anyone who is helping you in advance so they can take time out of their schedule to help.

Give it a deep clean

If you have access to your home prior to moving day, take some time to give it a deep clean. This is actually fairly easy because the space is already empty. Scrub those cupboards, floors, baseboards, windows, and everything else before you bring furniture in.

Inspect your belongings

When the boxes are off the truck and sitting in your new living room, take a moment to inspect your belongings, especially if you hired movers. Make sure that everything has made the trip to your new place, and during this, you can place the boxes in the correct rooms.

Unpack with organization

If you already placed boxes in specific rooms, you’re already ahead in the unpacking game. One way to make the entire process easier is to start with essentials. Unpack the absolute necessities, such as bedding, clothes, toiletry, and towels, first.

Install window treatments

It’s time to turn your house into a home, and installing window treatments, such as blinds or curtains. This will also help you protect your possessions, as people outside won’t have a clear view of everything you own. If you haven’t decided on specific window treatments just yet, hang some linen in the meantime to keep your new home and possessions protected.

Change the locks

Another thing you may want to do for your new home is changing the locks. Unfortunately, you don’t know how many extra keys were made while the previous owners lived there. So, change the locks as soon as you can just to be sure that no outsiders have an open invitation inside.

Locate the circuit breaker

You might come across this while you’re unpacking, otherwise, this is something you want to find right from the beginning. Take a look and if there are no labels, make your own so you know what breaker controls each section of the house.

Meet the neighbors

After all the unpacking, you’ll need a break, and some fresh air will do you well. Take a walk around your neighborhood, and stop by, and introduce yourself to the new neighbors. You’ll begin the process of fitting into your new atmosphere and feeling at home right away.

Moving doesn’t have to be an undesirable experience, with these tips, you can make it all that much easier. For more expert advice from a local Orlando realtor or help buying/selling your home click here.

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