Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

What to Expect on Closing Day 

The time leading up to your closing day is going to be busy. You’ll be cleaning, packing, contacting movers, and a million other little details. A real estate closing can be a puzzling process for both home buyers and sellers. Here is a quick breakdown of the closing process to help clear up the confusion.

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Neighborhood Features to Look for If You’re Starting a Family

In Orlando, an area geared to young professionals differs greatly from a family-friendly neighborhood. Learn what to look for when you’re starting a family. Having children means your priorities often shift. Proximity to the bars, restaurants, and nightlife you used to love becomes less important than school districts, crime rates, and a sense of community.

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Why You Should Stage A Home 

Every real estate agent knows how important it is to discuss staging your home before you list it for sale. Staging can make a big difference in both the length of selling time and price. Why do some sellers put off staging their home? They either think it’s too much work, they think it’s too

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