Neighborhood Features to Look for If You’re Starting a Family

In Orlando, an area geared to young professionals differs greatly from a family-friendly neighborhood. Learn what to look for when you’re starting a family.

Having children means your priorities often shift. Proximity to the bars, restaurants, and nightlife you used to love becomes less important than school districts, crime rates, and a sense of community. Here’s how to find the great perks for families in your next neighborhood.

1. School district information

The school district you choose is a huge decision for many parents. Of course, you want a school that offers a high-functioning environment for learning. You can use websites like GreatSchools. Always keep in mind that school districts do change sometimes.  Once you find an area you like, visit the neighborhoods that are zoned for those schools for a firsthand look.

2. Crime rates

From the moment you become a parent, your job is to keep your child safe. You baby-proof the home, maintain regular doctor visits and keep your child out of harm’s way. Searching for a neighborhood ranks right up there with the rest. Ask the local police for information on the area you are thinking of buying your home in.  They will direct you to various websites that can help you make your decision.

3. Strong community network

When you’re just starting a family, of course, you keep your old friends that don’t have kids. But let’s face it; your interests are suddenly quite a bit different. If making friends in the neighborhood tops your list of priorities, look for evidence of other families while you’re on the house hunt. Are children playing on the sidewalks? Are families out together for a walk? All of these signs point to lots of potential friends for you and your kids.

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