Selling A Home With Pets

You love your pets, but not everyone else does. Some people have allergies, while others may be afraid of animals. They may not be familiar with all the smells and shedding from pets. A first impression is very important for potential buyers, make sure you make the best one you can.

Now that you are getting ready to show your home, what do you do about staging your home when it is occupied by your pets, their scents, their shedding, and their items? For an open house, you might ask your friends and relatives to watch your pets or you may wish to board them at a kennel while you have scheduled open house showings.

Here are some other tips to help you to prepare for an open house or a showing when you have a pet in the home:

  • Put your pet(s) in an inside, safety gated area, or outside, if weather allows.
  • Give your home a thorough cleaning, especially the areas your pet occupies the most.
  • Put away any clawing trees, chew toys, etc., when you’re showing your home.
  • If you have carriers or cages, keep those well-hidden.
  • Clean all pet food bowls and dishes or put them away.
  • Vacuum all areas where there are traces of fur, including drapes, couch pillows, carpets, and rugs.
  • Empty garbage baskets and spray the inside with deodorizer.
  • Scrub and clean any fish tanks or hamster cages.
  • Open all the windows to circulate clean air in your home, if you have a strong pet smell consider a candle or deodorizer.

Now that you have removed all marks of your loved pets’ loose fur and pet-related items, check the outdoors surrounding your home. If the lawn is sprinkled with dog droppings, it is crucial to pick them up and dispose of them. There is nothing worse than a prospective buyer coming up the front walk and stepping in your dog’s mess!

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