Tips For Selling With Young Kids At Home 

When you’re a busy parent with young kids at home, selling your house may seem like a scary idea. But don’t worry, we’ve got four tips that can help get you and your home ready to sell.

Declutter and organize

Give potential buyers a reasonably blank canvas to work with. That means to pack up the big toys and put them somewhere hidden. We suggest approaching your home room-by-room to make things easier and give yourself enough time to tackle a room per day. Plus if you have older kids, you can encourage them to help.

Stage your kid’s rooms the best you can

Sometimes we need to draw the line when we’re staging a family home. Step one is figuring out your target market. If you have a larger family sized home, you can get away with staging the kid’s bedrooms to some extent. But if your home is smaller, these rooms might be used as an office or more living space. If you’ve already purchased your new home, try to leave these rooms neutral and tidy.

Create a checklist for showings

When you’ve received the call from your real estate agent that they’re going to show your home to a potential buyer, you’ll want to have a checklist to reference. When you only have a one or two hours notice, every moment can count. Don’t forget anything important like tasks such as cleaning the diaper disposal, putting the toilet seats down, tidying up the shoes, and so on.

Accept that your house might not be perfect

No matter how hard you try, your house probably isn’t going to be perfect –especially with unexpected showings. You will probably forget to put away a sippy cup once or twice, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Selling a home with kids is tough. Just do the best that you can with all of the advice your real estate agent provides and you will do a great job.

A good real estate agent will guide you step-by-step through the selling process. To get in touch with an experienced and local Orlando realtor click here or call 407-493-0719.

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